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We believe that our down-to-earth, 100% Australian service and support is one of the primary reasons our clients stick with us. We speak your language, we understand your needs, and best of all, we’re local, which means better results in less time.

australia-672577_960_720We’re 100% Australian, and we think that’s important.
Passionate and patriotic. We stand during the national anthem, and have a go at those who don’t…

We’re proud Australians and we live and breathe the culture, so it stands to reason we know a thing or two about how your audience might best engage with you.

Going offshore is cost-cutting, however you bake it, and in our experience, it delivers lower quality results than local alternatives. The subtle complexities required to communicate an idea specific to your target market are just impossible when you bring cultural differences into the mix. I often relate it to the guy that mows my lawn – he’s not the best in the world at what he does, heck he may not even be the best in Brisbane, but he lives in my neighbourhood, and so he’s “Johnny-on-the-spot” after a good downpour, or a decent storm.

It’s that local knowledge that can make or break your product, or burn time and money getting it right. A poor understanding of the marketplace, misunderstandings of timing, relevance and opportunity are also critical in seizing opportunity.

Offshore services simply don’t cut the mustard. While they certainly have their place, our experience suggests that the risk significantly outweighs the reward.

It’s one of the reasons we acquire all our services locally, forming an important part of our brand, culture, strategy and day-to-day business.

5914419246_c7d2f8e247_oWhy should local business help local business?
The benefits of supporting your local vendors, and ignoring the boys at the big end of town can be surprising to some.

Sure, it’s difficult to compete on price all the time, but we believe we offer more than just a basic service for a price. We offer peace of mind, and a genuine business to business relationship.

That makes you a valued member of our network, not just another subscriber. If you’re unsure whether your current provider is giving you the attention you deserve, ask yourself the following…

  • Do they keep it all onshore? No offshore call centres, and no lengthy waits on-hold after going 5 phone-menus deep
  • Do they deliver flexible, personalised services? No package deals, or inflexible ‘plans’ with no room for manoeuvring
  • Do they pay attention to the details? Such as your personal situation or the nuances of your schedule and your industry
  • Do they show genuine commitment? Going the extra mile doesn’t need to happen every day, but when it does…
  • Do they offer local knowledge? If your current vendor can’t understand why Melbourne Cup day is a bad day to launch, well…

It’s a competitive industry, but we manage to stay price competitive and provide a commitment and attention to detail that is unmatched.



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