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Highly skilled developers proficient in numerous languages and platforms, we can help with all your training, support & ongoing development needs. Let us show you how to get the most out of your Shopping Cart or Content Management System!

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Create and design your own website or blog using WordPress CMS, web software for beautiful results.Experienced WordPress Developers
It’s the most used, most supported content management system around, packing enough punch to scale up as your business grows.

Are you running WordPress, and looking to solve some logistical or business problem with your website?¬†Are you looking for a face-lift, need training, concerned over security or just want more functionality? We have years of development experience building, maintaining and repairing purchased as well as custom WordPress sites, themes, plugins and frameworks, so we know what works, we know what doesn’t.

This will ensure the longevity of your website through sound decision making about how you implement the features you want and need making your online presence as effective as possible.

OpenCart is designed to work right out-of-the box, is rich in features, extremely easy to use and is well supported by the open source community.Expert OpenCart Developers
A great platform if you want to start selling and you’re on a limited budget. Does everything an online store needs with few limitations.

Got an OpenCart installation that needs fixing? Can’t get that extension working? Need an extension built? Simply can’t get your head around the whole thing and want to know how it all works?¬†We deal with customers who need this sort of help every day. We’ll show you the tricks point you in the right direction for resources and give you all the training you need to take this simple, elegant, yet remarkably powerful shopping cart software to the next level!

The release of OpenCart 2.x, combined with the power of vQmod, now, your shopping cart can be upgradeable too, without the headache of spending thousands every time you want a new feature.

No cookie-cutters here, our work is 100% original
Quality developers are hard to find, so we don’t outsource offshore, in fact we don’t outsource at all.

What does that mean for you? It means you get quality components that work together for a great result. We won’t resell someone else’s work, and you won’t get some $10 template or a $20 plugin from an obscure website or some unknown developer. It means we build it and we back it because that’s what we do and we’re good at it.

Instead, we produce all our work from the ground up using quality, standards-based code that let’s you realise your vision.

It also means the work we do for you is completely customisable. Original work is flexible enough to change as your business grows, meaning when it’s time to make modifications to the code, you won’t hear excuses like “that can’t be done” or, “it wasn’t designed for that”. Sure, there may be times where a modification takes more time, but because we write the code, we also stand by it and support it.

Lastly, it means that you own the software. There’s no more annual software fees, no support contracts and no license numbers.

We build extensions to your spec, from the ground up!
W’ere OpenCart extension specialists so check us out here @¬†opencartextensions.org

If you’ve been using OpenCart for a while, you might be familiar with the extension marketplace. It’s a great way for new shopping cart owners to get added functionality without spending the earth, but it does have it’s limitations.

If you’ve owned your online store for a while, you’ll know exactly what we mean. Ever yearned for a feature or improvement and been frustrated because nobody does it “quite the way you want”? So what do you do?

At 21 Designs we build extensions, we don’t just buy them, which means we can take your brief and produce a piece of software with any functionality you need. Our focus on software that scales well and our extensive experience building and developing systems for OpenCart means you can let your business get on with the business of selling products & services.

We also have a vast amount of experience implementing automated payment solutions & shipping systems, imports, feeds, reports, product customisations, integrated blogs and much more.


CMS & shopping cart training, support & more…

We also provide training and support for existing installations. For some online businesses, the peace of mind that someone can backup their business is paramount, so we currently maintain and support many of our clients looking for this assurance. Here are a few examples of questions we hear all the time:

  • I’m struggling to manage the ongoing requirements of updates to my website
  • My website is getting hacked, defaced or compromised and I don’t know where to start
  • SPAM is being generated or received (through forms) on my website. How do I stop it?
  • It takes me too long to write my blog entries / articles surely there must be a quicker way to produce content?
  • I’d like more control over the way my content is displayed, but I don’t want to learn any coding
  • I bought an extension, and don’t know how to install it, or tried installing it and can’t get it to work.
  • I need an plugin, but don’t know which one to choose – free or paid, there’s so many!
  • I need some advice, training and a little direction on how to manage my software
  • I had an inexperienced local or offshore amateur help me and I’ve been left with a mess
  • I’ve inherited a website, and I’m not quite sure what condition it’s in. Can you run a site audit?


Looking for a quality web developer, not just somebody who learnt a bit of PHP of the back of a fag packet? Drop us a line to see how we help you realise your vision to ensure your business succeeds online.

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