Who we are: Local, family owned & operated, down-to-earth

When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute.
Simon Sinek

Andrejs - Owner, Developer, DesignerAndrejs
Owner, Developer, Designer. PHP, WordPress & OpenCart specialist, turning dreams into successful online strategies.

Whether it’s building, fixing or analysing¬†your shopping cart, content management system, membership site, social media portal or business app, Andrejs loves the devil in the detail – figuring out what makes your business really tick. His¬†formal education includes a Bachelor of Science (QUT Gardens Point) and several post-graduate certificate’s/diplomas in IT, such as Network administration, Object Oriented Programming (OOP) and Database Administration (Oracle certified).

He also has 10yrs experience as Team / Technical Lead for number of web design agencies, managing teams of developers, designers and marketers, along with an additional 10yrs spent in¬†IT, operations, logistics & manufacturing management roles. This variety of skills across¬†numerous disciplines from the board-room to the factory floor allows for a better¬†understanding of how your users want to engage with you, your products or services. This in turn¬†let’s him address challenges intelligently, driving¬†his¬†team to deliver better outcomes for your business.

Kirk - Online Strategist, Marketing SpecialistOnline Strategist, PR & Marketing Specialist. Google certified, he is an expert in PPC, SEO, social media & email marketing across a wide range of digital mediums.

While his skills on the dance floor might be questionable, there’s no doubting Kirk’s skills at getting your message to market.

His experience with PR campaigns, back-linking & offsite content generation, and the delivery of hundreds of successful marketing campaigns have proven his ability to find your niche, a testament to his abilities in an extremely competitive industry.

When he’s not analysing a pie chart, or debating the meaning of the word ‘life’, you’ll find Kirk at your nearest trendy craft beer cafe sinking a few golden ale’s…

Developer, Software Engineer. Skills include software auditing, troubleshooting and performance analysis, PHP, Bootstrap, Javascript, MySQL, jQuery, Prototype.

Specialising in PHP applications and frameworks such as Laravel, Code Igniter and Bootstrap, Simon has over 10 years experience developing a wide range of application software for all business types.

His dedication to standards, and an ability to keep up with current trends means we really have the ‘grunt’ needed to build custom applications that require a little more power under the bonnet.

When he’s not knee-deep in code, you’ll find him adding a turbo charger and liquid cooling system to his mate’s computer…

Erika - Accounts, Provisioning, AdminAccounts, Provisioning & Admin. Specialities include bookkeeping, client account management, website hosting administration, provisioning and domain managment.

Not the person to mess with in June or July, Erika holds down the fort ‘financially speaking’. Making sure everyone get’s paid, everyone has the right blend of coffee, and ensuring we’re all sufficiently stocked up with highlighters, scribble pads and a working keyboard and mouse.

When she’s not got her head down in the books, you’ll find her¬†out on the racetrack in a go-cart, or screaming at¬†the V8 Supercars on TV while the go around, and around, and around, and around…

Ansis - SEO, Content WritingOptimisation, Link Building, Content Writing. A salesman at heart with a keen eye for detail, his extraordinary capabilities as a wordsmith can turn 10 words into 100!

When you need an article, or a new blog entry, or anything to do with content, Ansis is your man. And he talk, oh boy can he talk. But this is a blessing, because only the best wordsmiths can truly deliver the content your audience will find engaging, interesting and worth coming back for.

When he’s not telling you all about his day, you’ll find him on the golf course, pretending that he’s relaxed; We all know what he’s really doing – swearing at a little white ball…


We’re passionate, dedicated, driven & motivated.

You hear it all the time, so what’s so good about being “Family Owned”?

1It means you’re not getting a half-baked effort from someone who’s counting the hours until knock-off time. It also means we maintain a certain level of pride in our work, as it reflects on our family members too. So we’re not just a bunch of employees, we’re invested in your success; Of your website, and your business.

3And best of all, you can talk to us. Sure, if you prefer email communication that’s fine too, but we find the best results are usually driven by engaging in dialogue with our clients, so we don’t hide behind a call centre, and we encourage you to give us a ring whenever you need us.

2You also benefit from our local knowledge, which only comes from being one of the locals. It allows us to understand your market better, allows you to put a face to a name, and helps us deliver a higher quality of service than some boutique web design agency in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide or Perth.

4Not technical? That’s Ok, most of our customers aren’t, so just like we don’t know everything about your business, we don’t expect you to know everything about ours – web design, website hosting, development and marketing. We’ll speak your language and treat you like an equal, because nobody gets results just because they use big words.