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Our team of are experts at developing a user-friendly website design on the OpenCart platform so you can handle your inventory and process orders effortlessly.

Features of OpenCart

Clean and professional look. Keep your online store looking fresh, credible and professional with our clean and organised layouts. This will also give your customers an easier time reading and finding what they’re looking for in your clutter-free OpenCart store.

Consistent branding through custom designs. We’ll see to it that the look and feel of your OpenCart store will remain consistent with your branding guidelines. Our skills in crafting tailor-made designs will ensure your online store will stand out from the competition and make a great impression to all your visitors.

Optimised for maximum performance. Boost your online visibility, page loading speed and conversion rate with an optimised online store. We will optimise your OpenCart store to make it search engine friendly and responsive. This way, your customers will have a seamless online shopping experience, no matter what device they are on.

Custom extension development. Expand your online store’s functionality to improve your store’s performance and increase revenues. Our expertise in developing and customising a wide range of extensions allows you to operate your OpenCart store in the way you want. We can also modify any existing OpenCart extensions based on your specific goals and requirements.

User-friendly online ordering systems. Our team will ensure that you have a secure and user-friendly online ordering system in place. We will make it easy for you or your staff to adjust the shipping rates based on your customer’s location, set-up multiple currency options, update pricing, and track orders. We only use extensions that are safe, up to date and supported for your and your customers’ peace of mind.

Custom rewards-point system. Boost customer loyalty and lifetime customer value with the OpenCart rewards-point system. We can customise this rewards system to enhance your customer loyalty program and allow you to connect it to other extensions for a more efficient point conversion, which can help make your customers happier with every point they earn after checkout.

Top-notch client support. Our team is ready to offer valuable pieces of advice and solutions to problems that you might encounter while managing your OpenCart store. Simply reach out to us if you need to request customisation, upgrade your layout and update your extensions, or want to launch a new online store. We are OpenCart experts who are always here to serve you!

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