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Whether you need a WordPress website for your small business, personal blog or portfolio, WordPress offers a wide range of tools, themes and plugins to help you build your online presence.

If you want a low-maintenance website with high-performance features, using WordPress is your best bet and you need Brisbane’s best web designers to deliver it for you.

Both novice and experienced users have the freedom to do what they want with this free, easy to learn, flexible and so secure content management system.

Features of WordPress

Easy to use. WordPress allows you to add and update your content easily and quickly with drag and drop functionality. Whether you need to add or remove images, menus and pages, insert reusable blocks of functionality (also known as widgets) or change the title, colours, and fonts on your website, this CMS shines in making all these tasks as simple and effortless as possible.

Amazing flexibility. WordPress offers customisable themes and different templates for multiple pages to match your needs and preferences. Extending the functionality of your website is made possible by the many plugins that this CMS is known to work well with.

Shopping cart functionality. WordPress has the ability to become an awesome shopping cart, with the help of plugins such as WooCommerce, designed to satisfy even the most discerning shop owners and customers. WooCommerce features an array of stock management, payment and shipping options, plus email notifications and multiple image management just to name a few.

Effective user management. Stay on top of your website and team with WordPress. Assign different levels of access to different roles and members of your organisation with a few clicks. Additional membership plugins can be installed to turn your website into a membership site featuring varying user access levels for greater security of your premium content.

Efficient media management. Drag and drop images and videos into your pages to capture your visitors’ attention or increase their level of engagement with your content. The built-in media manager offers a convenient.way for you to edit your images.

Search engine optimised. Websites built on WordPress are more SEO-friendly, and therefore, are more capable of ranking higher in Google. This is because the coding behind WordPress sites usually follows the best SEO practises. There are also SEO plugins that can be installed into your WordPress website to perform on-page optimisation audits easily.

One-click upgrades. WordPress regularly releases updates to deliver the best CMS experience to its users. With just one click, your CMS and your website will be updated so you have the latest upgrades available, and a more efficient website content management for you.

Custom content types. Enjoy a high level of flexibility with WordPress. It offers different types of default content, but it accommodates your use of code so you can create your very own customised post types, metadata and taxonomies. Use WordPress your way!

Widgets. Drag and drop widgets to add more functionality to your website. WordPress widgets provide you with a higher level of control in terms of the design and structure of your chosen WordPress theme. These functional blocks enable you to add more content and features to specific areas of your theme such as your header and footer.

CSS, HTML, Javascript and PHP Standards compliant. WordPress is proven to comply with different coding standards, which means your website will have a smoother operation and you will have an easier time maintaining it over the years. These coding standards exist to prevent coding errors, enhance code readability, and allow for easier modification later on.

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